First-Time Applicants

Are you looking for your first federal government job? On any given day, tens of thousands of federal positions are posted on USAJOBS. Yet, getting a federal job isn’t easy and is nothing at all like getting a job in the private sector. There are information requirements to meet (did you know, for example, that it is important to put the number of hours worked per week in your federal resume?), there are job announcements to analyze, and occupational questionnaires to complete. In addition, your federal resume needs to be much longer than your private sector resume. Five pages is not at all uncommon!!

Let Solutions for the Workplace, LLC help. We will first evaluate your current resume to answer these questions:

  • Is your resume in the proper format for electronic resume builders?
  • Do you use key words from your target announcement?
  • Does your resume include all required information for federal applications?
  • Have you included accomplishments to demonstrate that you can achieve results?
  • How can we improve your federal resume?

We will also help you analyze federal vacancy announcements to determine whether you meet qualifications and help you understand and complete the occupational questionnaire that accompanies almost every federal job posting. Moreover, we tell you how to apply, maximize your eligibilities, and use USAJOBS effectively. It’s not enough to “know” someone; your application must pass through and be approved by federal HR Specialists; only the most qualified applicants are referred to the hiring manager.

I wanted to let you know the interview went GREAT, and they have offered me a position. I have accepted and am going through the background check; once that clears, I’ll get the official offer. Again, thank you so much for your service– I have no doubt the resume you created for me–highlighting my specific communication, research and leadership skills–got me through the multiple screening processes and to an interview.

Again, many, many thanks. I could not have done this without you! KW

Successful applicants can expect to be interviewed, and most federal interviews involve a structured interview process. As a Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC), Nancy Segal will personally coach you to communicate your achievements clearly, concisely, and in OPM’s preferred CCAR framework. Interview coaching is on an hourly basis and is typically contracted for following the delivery of your resume project.

Having spent my entire career in the private sector, I was unaware of how involved the Federal Application process was. Nancy guided me every step of the way from resume design to the completion of the KSAs and right up to the point of saying, ‘Yes, I happily accept the job offer.’ Nobody does it better! – Scott

Getting a federal job is doable, but it takes:

  • a strategic approach
  • applying for positions for which you are qualified
  • using a federal style resume that is prepared to get you past HR and in front of the hiring manager
  • patience

Having helped more than a thousand clients, we are the experts. Contact us to see how we can help you get your first federal position.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been offered and accepted an ALJ position. Your interview preparation was top notch. In fact, many of the SSA interview questions were just as we went over. After our last conversation, I took your advice and thought hard about scenarios I could adapt to various situations. It obviously worked out well. – BC