Federal Employees

Are you a current federal employee who is seeking a promotion?

Have you decided you are ready for the next level, or want to change agencies, and aren’t sure what do do next? Perhaps you’re applying but not getting referred for positions for which you know you’re qualified? Haven’t signed up at USAJOBS yet, or feel comfortable that you know how it works, even though you have worked for the federal government for years?

At Solutions for the Workplace, LLC, we can help! With more than 30 years in federal HR, we understand how to navigate the process. We are Certified Federal Resume Writers and Certified Federal Job Search Trainers. Not only do we know how it works from the applicant viewpoint, we also understand the process from the perspective of HR and hiring managers.

Best resume writer ever! I enjoyed working with you. CW

If you have not applied in a while, things have changed.

No longer may competitive service agencies use Knowledge, Skills, and Ability (KSA) statements as an initial part of the application process. All applications must go through USAJOBS (unless you’re applying under Schedule A). Your resume must be key word rich, written to a specific announcement or job series, and not read like your position description (PD). Resumix and automated key word searches of your federal resume no longer exist.

Thank you for your assistance with my resume.  I am proud to submit what you’ve prepared! TW

How does it work now?

Applicants must apply through USAJOBS, and your USAJOBS Profile must be complete and accurate. It is important to use a targeted, federal-style resume that includes the key words from the announcement and occupational questionnaire. Both the resume and your answers must match, and your answers to the questionnaire must be obvious in your resume. Before applying, you should ensure  you are eligible for consideration, meet the specialized experience requirements, and can provide the highest and best answers to the questionnaire. Plus, your resume must in a USAJOBS-compatible format, including all required information.

What can we do?

  • Help you with your USAJOBS Profile so that you receive proper consideration of your application.
  • Analyze job announcements to ensure you’re eligible and qualified to apply. Just being qualified is not enough; you need to be best qualified to have your application forwarded to the hiring manager.
  • Identify key words from the announcement and questionnaire to include in your resume.
  • Write a powerful, on target, federal-style resume that is USAJOBS-compatible.
  • Ensure your resume includes all required information and any needed documents for federal applications.
  • Provide you with strategic advice on how to apply. Some applicants should apply for the same position multiple ways. Some should apply for multiple grades. We can help!
  • Present you with information on getting your resume and documents into USAJOBS.
  • As a Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC), Nancy Segal will personally coach you to communicate your achievements clearly, concisely, and in OPM’s preferred CCAR framework. Interview coaching is on an hourly basis and is typically contracted for following the delivery of your resume project.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss working with us to better communicate your candidacy.

Most recently, I was successful in obtaining a position with DHS HQ, in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis. This non-supervisory GS-14 position is in El Paso, Texas, about 45 minutes from my family in Las Cruces, NM, which is exactly where I’ve been trying to get for the last 8 years. So with a little persistence, a lot of patience, and the resume you created for me, I’ve been able to obtain a permanent position and a new and exciting employment opportunity with the federal government in a location in the desert that I’ve coveted for years. Thank you for helping me to reach my goal and my dreams! – JL